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Our story

WebHare was launched in 1999 as B-Lex - a startup from the University of Twente. Its founders had developed a CMS that used Microsoft Word documents to maintain website content, featuring a Windows Explorer-like interface. The university was our launching customer, and still is today.


Over the years WebHare has grown into a powerful development platform. WebHare is now used all over the country by customers from several industries, including (semi)government, advertisement, health care, business and e-commerce.

Our wide range of customers ensures WebHare is continuously expanding. Every challenge inspires us to create new solutions, keeping us on our toes!

We have been voted 'Production company of the year' at one time, something we are very proud of!

Team WebHare

The people behind WebHare are creative nerds, masters of their trade., always looking for improvement. This doesn't mean using new technology for the sake of new technology; the user is king and making our applications user friendly is what counts. Form Follows Function.

Arnold Hendriks

Mette van Eck

Wouter van den Berg

Rob Hulswit

Mark de Jong

Herman Borger

Kris Breuker