WebHare PublisherMore than a CMS

Getting started

WebHare Publisher is the core of the WebHare platform. In WebHare Publisher you can easily keep one or more websites up to date without any technical expertise. After a short introduction, anybody can work with WebHare Publisher.

OUT-Of-The-BOX performance

WebHare is much more than merely a CMS. After logging in to the management portal you will find a start menu with several applications installed:

  • WebHare Publisher: the Content Management Systeem
  • WebForms: custom user-friendly forms
  • WebHare Newsletter for professional mailings
  • WebHare user management

The applications are easy to use and work together seamlessly. Together we decide which applications are needed for a custom online product tailored to your needs. 

IF YOU KNOW HOW TO HANDLE FILES AND FOLDERS and know your way around a text editor, you can keep a webhare site up to date

Folders in the Publisher make up your website's menu, and the files are your pages. The order in which the items appear on your website is also visible in the Publisher - so you always know exactly where in your website you are.

WebHare editor 

The WebHare Rich Text Editor does what you can expect from an online editor, and so much more

  • Copy and paste text from web pages or MS Word straight into the WebHare editor
  • Images and videos are displayed in responsive websites automatically in the correct size
  • Flexible inline components allow for easy enrichment of your web pages

Optimal page speed for Google

WebHare pages are quick and achieve high positions in Google PageSpeed Insights. No matter the size of the images and videos you use - WebHare takes care of optimum performance in desktop, tablet or mobile. 

Flexible inline components

A classical CMS often works with rigid templates for 'subhome' and 'landing pages'. WebHare prefers to use flexible inline components, available on every page.

It's a tool box of ready-to-use virtual building blocks, tailored for your unique WebHare site. 


WebHare is an extremely safe CMS. WebHare websites are always up-to-date; we regularly update without any implications for the websites. The WebHare architecture makes hacking our system extremely hard.


WebHare sites are hosted on servers with lightning fast SSD disk drives. Our hosting locations are ISO9001:2008, ISO27001:2005 and ISO22301:2012 certified. WebHare is known for quick and accurate user support. 


WebHare supports all important SEO demands made by Google. Most of these are taken care of without any user input. WebHare also has the expertise and techniques for cutting edge online marketing.

Responsive preview

WebHare Publisher allows you to easily check the page layout on different devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)


We have only mentioned a few WebHare's features - the possibilities are endless. Want to know more about the WebHare Publisher CMS? Contact us!